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Wayne Sheppard is an artist and educator, originally from New Jersey who is a resident of Naples, Florida. He was an art teacher at Green High School from 1972-2002, where he also established and taught jewelry, enameling, photography, TV/Video production, and began a Cultural Studies Exchange Program with Mexico and Costa Rica.

Since leaving Green High School in Green, Ohio , Wayne has conducted many Artist workshops in Ohio schools. In 2002, Wayne completed his first large scale public work with students from Hoban High- a rainforest animal mural painting for the Akron Children's Hospital.

In 2004, he completed another large work for the Akron Public Library, the new Firestone Park Branch. This work, "ENLIGHTENMENT HEALS", is a porcelain enamel on steel mural.

In addition, Wayne was sponsored by Woodsy's Music in Kent as an artist for Guitarmania II at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in cooperation with United Way in 2004.

In 2002 Wayne presented an enameled relief mural of a Resplendent Quetzal to the QERC (Quetzal Education Research Center) in San Gerardo de Dota, Costa Rica.

Wayne's past experiences include a position as part-time faculty for Kent State University Art Ed and an adjunct professor for Ashland University. Wayne has also written and published a novel, and has painted and penned his wife Hazel's fourth children's book Big Red's Greatest Find ( He has recently completed the screenplay adaption of his novel Burden of Privilege: The Secret Life of Geoffrey Collins.

"I still believe in the artist as messenger. Perhaps I'm old enough to really have something worth saying. My messages are to generate thoughtfulness, appreciation of being, and interconnectedness to the Universal".

-Wayne Sheppard

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