Rain Forest Mural, Respect All Living Things "Mr. Sheppard has worked with our students for the past six years. There has not been a year where the students have not just been enamored by him. He has the ability to inspire students to feel confident and willing to try their "artistic" ability, even when they feel that they have none. He makes students feel valued and respected. This is truly a gift he possesses. We personally have enjoyed Mr. Sheppard's friendship and insightful views. He is very passionate about his love of art and integrating it into every fabric of science. He appeals to our intellect, environmental consciousness and right brain-ness. We hope that our partnership with him continues and we always look forward to his leadership in our Biology - A Renaissance Program. Each year new and original ideas are created and a new group of students are inspired through working with him"

Carrie Hicks, Biology Teacher, Orange High School (Pepper Pike, Ohio)

Kathy Frazier, Gifted Education Specialist, Orange High School (Pepper Pike, Ohio)

"Our experience with Wayne Sheppard as Artist in Residence was a very valuable one in that we were able to implement a new process into our art program. Mr. Sheppard was a thorough, inspirational teacher who set a high standard that students were most willing to aspire to. I strongly recommend a residency with him and consider that experience to be one of the highlights of my high school experience."

Judy Atkins, Art Teacher, Theodore Roosevelt High School (Kent, Ohio)

"Wayne Sheppard has helped me teach Cloisonne Enameling on three separate occasions. He is a wonderful teacher. I would not be teaching enameling without his help and guidance. I would recommend him as an artist in residence to any teacher."

Margot Eiseman, Art Teacher/Chair, Archbishop Hoban High School (Akron, Ohio)

"As artist-in residence, Wayne provided a memorable enameling workshop for my advanced studio art classes. He brings a wealth of teaching experience which enables him to connect with the students and inspire them to do great work. It was awesome!"

Nancy Jones, Art Teacher, Tallmadge High School (Tallmadge, Ohio)

"Wayne is a fabulous facilitator of not only a young person's artistic ability, but of their confidence and well being. Generous, open-minded and passionate, Wayne has a way of invoking a collaborative, cooperative and enthusiastic spirit from all of those around him. His ability to educate and his desire to be educated create a disarmingly talented, yet approachable, and truly human being."

Suzanne H Graham, Coordinator of Arts & Children's Programs, Office of Administration, City of Akron (Akron, Ohio)

"The Akron Zoological Park was pleased to work with Wayne Sheppard and the Lock 3 art students to create a special work of art for the zoo. Wayne guided the students to create a large three-dimension mural for our new education building. The mural depicts the three reptile species housed in Komodo Kingdom in reality and fantasy. Wayne and the students worked very hard going from concept to completion in three weeks. Wayne did an excellent job inspiring the students and guiding them through the process of creating a "commissioned" piece of art"p>
Myra Peffer, Director of Education, Akron Zoological Park (Akron, Ohio)

"Meeting Wayne this morning was as though I had been reintroduced to a good friend again. His charismatic personality is magnetic. The students were enchanted and very inspired by Wayne's presentation"

Lizann R. Hudson MA, Our Lady of Peace School (Cleveland, Ohio)

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