Artist in Residence and Workshop Programs
Children of the Eagle and The Quetzal -Mural
Art, Earth Science, Hispanic- Multicultural Studies
   Art and Environmental studies are combined as students create a mural that represents and celebrates the interconnectedness of people birds, trees, and plant life from North America to Central America. Migratory bird patterns and the link between preservation of temperate deciduous forests and tropical rain forests will be explored.
   The mural project is also an exploration of the cultural symbolism of the North American eagle of the US and Mexico, and the Resplendent Quetzal of Mexico and Central America. Animal and plant symbols from Native Americans, Aztec and Mayan peoples, and the students' personal interpretations of natural forms will become visual motifs for creating a visually stunning and informative work of art. (Grades 6-8, 9-12)

The Artist as Messenger
Encouraging Awareness Through Public Art
   Student artists become agents for positive change through the creation of public art. Themes of substance that demonstrate our interconnectedness with nature as a great healing force will translate into works that are intended to evoke thoughtfulness and motivation for postive action. Through discussion and research, students will determine which theme best relates to their community. (Grades 8-12)

Are We Trees?-Mural
Art, Earth Science, Multicultural studies
   Students will create a mural based on the amazing physical and metaphorical similarities between people and trees. Diagrams of trees and charts of the nervous and circulatory systems will provide reference material for what will become a colorful mural using realistic and abstract images to create a work that will be visually striking and thought provoking in regards to our interconnectedness with nature. (Grades 5-8, 9-12)

The Wizard of Tuskegee- A Tribute to George Washington Carver
Art, Science, African American Studies, Multicultural Studies
   A visual montage that is an homage to George Washington Carver's profound contributions to the world. Known to many only as the 'peanut man' students will create a work of art that will reveal so much more about this great spiritual, humanitarian genius referred to as the 'Black Leonardo'. Dr. Carver was not only a great agricultural chemist/scientist but an award winning artist, and musician and great teacher. His very special ability to 'communicate' with and heal plants earned him re-known as 'The Plant Doctor' at an early age. He believed that if you love nature it will reveal its secrets to you. (Grades 5-8, 9-12)

Gaia- A Tribute to Mother Earth)
Art, Biology, Earth Science, Environmental Science
   Students will create a mural that is a tribute to our planet. Gaia is the Earth Goddess in Greek Mythology. As our consciousness re-awakens to the importance of respecting and helping our planet, this mural gives students the opportunity to explore, discover and discuss issues most important to them in regards to the present state of the planet, and an opportunity to create a hopeful work that visually pays tribute to our beautiful but fragile planet.
   A great Earth Day project, but as some say, Earth Day is every day. (Grades 5-8, 9-12)

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