Rain Forest Mural, Respect All Living Things
Acrylic paint medium

Rain Forest Mural, Respect All Living Things    The Rain Forest Mural was completed for Akron Children’s Hospital in 2003. I was asked by Margot Eiseman, art teacher at Hoban High School, Akron, Ohio, to work with her art club students to create a public work of art for the hospital.
   The Rain Forest theme was chosen to present the beautiful colors, patterns, and forms of the flora and fauna of the tropical rain forests, to the children and other persons that would see the mural. A number of students made contributions to the project that I then enhanced and completed over a summer. The students who participated accepted the challenge that if each animal and plant was painted with a loving involvement in the process, the collective spirit of the work would have a very positive and healing presence for the children. The mural was dedicated with a consecration for that purpose
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